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Creating a productive home office doesn't necessarily require a spare room; a dedicated space within your home is equally effective. Our team specialises in crafting beautiful and practical setups that seamlessly integrate into any room. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to perfection and bringing your dream space to life.

Our experts collaborate closely with you, advising on optimal home office layouts, colour schemes, and accessories to ensure your space is entirely bespoke and uniquely tailored to you

Regardless of whether your home office occupies its dedicated room or a compact space within your living area, Fallon Bespoke Joinery will meticulously address all your requirements.

We specialize in optimising and utilising every available space, drawing on expertise in crafting and installing tailor-made home office furniture. We make all our furniture in the best-equipped and best-managed workshop in Saffron Walden, England.

Off-the-shelf furniture often falls short in terms of durability and space utilisation. At Fallon Bespoke Joinery, our home office fitted furniture is crafted to perfection, being made-to-measure in-house using high-quality materials and cutting-edge CNC machinery. These pieces are not only affordable but also designed to maximize space, tailored to your specific needs, and built for longevity.

Whether you require an integrated multipurpose unit for your computer tower, printer, scanner, and filing drawers, we'll craft a bespoke piece of home office furniture that seamlessly accommodates these needs—incorporating sliding screens or keyboards—all in a style you adore.

Tailor-made wall-to-wall fitted desks offer expansive work surfaces for individuals who prefer ample workspace. DAY & KNIGHT ensures that all our desktops are customized to exact measurements, accommodating any challenging space or color scheme. We can incorporate ports and hatches for cables and peripherals, and we also offer freestanding desks for added flexibility.

Achieve the epitome of professionalism during those challenging "at-home" video calls with a high-end, fully customised home office—brought to life by our team of master craftsmen. Our comprehensive service ensures a tailor-made creation that caters to your specific needs. The entire team is committed to making your new home office a space you'll genuinely enjoy working in.

At Fallon Bespoke Joinery, we go beyond just crafting fitted furniture; we can oversee your entire home office project, handling building works, electrics, plastering, and ensuring the perfect fit of made-to-measure pieces. All of this is executed with minimal disruption. There are no limits to our capabilities: inventive designs can transform awkward spaces, and a diverse range of styles and colours is at your disposal.

We'd love to hear about your upcoming project, so if you're seeking a truly bespoke home office, don't hesitate to contact us.


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