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Bespoke Kitchen Design Crafted with Precision

Our kitchen design sets us apart from other joiners and kitchen firms. There are no showrooms or brochures because Fallon Bespoke Joinery is genuinely customised: conceived, designed, and crafted exclusively for you, your family, and your home.

We stand out from the crowd. Our work plays a unique role in the restoration of historic houses, and enhances the long-term worth of our clients’ homes.

We design and make all the kitchens in the best-equipped and best-managed workshop in Saffron Walden,  England.

We are experts in a gorgeous, custom-made kitchen design. We draw on more than three decades of experience to provide kitchen design services to a chosen group of clients in beautiful historic houses and contemporary high-tech buildings.

Every project we undertake is completely original and uses only the best quality materials to create kitchens and homes that are comfortable, remarkable and full of personality.

Our work is always free from any rules, by any ready-made models or by any work we have done for any other clients. Rather, it is designed and made to meet a brief that is entirely specific to you and your house. Because we think and make in this way, our clients enjoy the whole – and amazing – potential of interior joinery.

Providing genuinely customised kitchen design services grants Fallon's design team considerable flexibility to create in any style and utilise a diverse range of materials and finishes. Unrestricted by predetermined formats and ranges, this freedom enables us to adopt a distinctive approach to kitchen design.

It empowers us to thoughtfully assess the architecture and design kitchens that harmonize seamlessly with it, ensuring that our traditionally crafted kitchens blend perfectly with the homes they adorn.

For over three decades, the Fallon Group has collaborated with private clients, working alongside their interior designers and architects. This wealth of knowledge ensures that the fitted furniture we craft seamlessly integrates into its surroundings, marrying 21st-century practicality with period accuracy and charm.

Typically, clients discover Fallon Bespoke Joinery in their pursuit of an elegant and impeccably crafted kitchen. Upon finding us, they often choose to engage our services for other areas within their homes.

Whether it's a single room or an entire house, our creative process transforms beautiful period houses into exquisite homes. Explore the full spectrum of our services to learn more.

We'd love to hear about your upcoming project, so if you're seeking truly bespoke kitchen design services, don't hesitate to contact us.


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