High-end living: Crendon Barn

After our colleagues at Fallon & Co Builders had finished with this stunning barn conversion, the client called in Fallon Bespoke Joinery to apply those all important final touches. A high-end finish was crucial for this client and our experienced team was more that able to deliver the desired results.

Media wall

Our client aimed to establish not just an impressive centrepiece for their room but also a storage solution offering a fantastic display feature. The design sought to integrate a fireplace that exuded tranquillity and a welcoming ambiance.

The customised media wall includes generous shelving accentuated by LED lights and drawers with soft closing mechanisms. The unit was specifically crafted to seamlessly incorporate the TV and exhibit an array of decorative items, offering a streamlined and tidy solution for concealing cables and wires from sight.


In modern residences wine storage with a more contemporary flair can be a perfect fit. Our team skilfully incorporated materials like mirrored glass and copper, blending them with sleek architectural lines to craft a wine storage that not only stands out aesthetically but is also highly functional.

Lighting was a crucial element, with recessed LED strips ensuring our clients wine storage becomes a cherished feature for many years to come.


Our client aimed to establish a dedicated personal haven that combined convenience and elegance. The unit was meticulously designed to effortlessly integrate the TV with a contemporary touch, reflecting the unique personality of the client.


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